Our history

Watchmaking & Medicine
Doplr (pronounced “Doppler”) brings together the worlds’ of Watchmaking and Medicine into a single timeless object: the mechanical watch. The brand’s name, Doplr, symbolises the link between time and medicine: the doppler effect is used to study blood flow and measure its speed. The logo is the perfect synthesis of this union: the snake of Asklepios, the symbol of Medicine, wrapped around that of infinity, the symbol of Time.
1707: Dr John Floyer
It was in 1707 when it began: English physician, Sir John Floyer, renowned for his work on treating asthma and the study of the pulse, developed with London watchmaker, Samuel Watson, a watch to measure the pulse. It was the first pulsometer watch. It enabled him to become the first physician to study the pulse in his clinical practice. He published his work in a book: The Physician’s Pulse-watch vol. 1, 1707, vol. 2, 1710. London.
Fascinated by this invention dating back three centuries, a team of four doctors decided to create Doplr. The goal was to design a mechanical watch which would be unique; respect watchmaking tradition and also serve medicine. Just like in 1707, physicians collaborated with master watchmakers. In order to meet the high professional standards required for medical use, the skills of French designers and engineers were called upon to create the new Pulse- Watch. It has taken fifteen months to develop the Doplr Pulse-Watch for its launch in June 2017.
Doplr Club
Doplr has created a club so that its members can exchange ideas and take part in the development of future models. A sponsorship system will also be put in place to reward members with exclusive products for Doplr watches. To become a “Doplrist”, go to the customer service section and register.

Our team

  • Vincent

    Founder - Vascular Medicine, Emergency MD , France
  • Paul

    MD - General Practice , France
  • Laurent

    MD - Cardiologist, France
  • David

    MD - Anaesthesist – resuscitator, France

Our ambassadors

  • Pr Frédéric Thys

    Emergency physician, Belgium, « It is rare to find innovative projects so well built and led as this one »
  • Dr Mike Cadogan

    Emergency, sport and trauma physician - Australia, « Quintessential appurtenance for the active physician. Robust, practical and elegant »
  • Dr Goran Ristić

    Pediatrics, Barcelona, Spain, « The art of the supreme craftsmanship is in the knowledge passed through the generations of doctors as well as watchmakers. DOPLR watch sum it all up so nicely »
  • Dr Sebastien Mirek

    Anaesthetist – intensivist, France, « Doplr is a really great quality collaborative project developed by doctors and supported by doctors »
  • Dr Rui Moreno

    Intensive care medicine and internal medicine, ex president of the Portuguese intensive care medicine and the European society of intensive care medicine. Honorary member of the Portuguese intensive care medicine and the Brazilian intensive care medicine and (founder) and honorary member of the Serbian society of internal medicine Chair of the intensive care board on intensive care medicine during 8 years plus 4 just as a member Presidente of the multidisciplinary board for intensive care medicine UEMS), « Doplr is something that every doctor - a clinician not a researcher - should have. Because is tradicional and I lies contact with the patients: something that we loosing »
  • Dr Hugues L.

    Emergency Physician, France, « Understated, timeless, elegant and sporty at the same time. All this on one wrist. Thank you Doplr »
  • Dr Stéphane Lefebvre

    Médecin Rééducateur et Médecin du Sport - France , « Doplr, c’est une création qui allie la noblesse du classique emprunt d’histoire, et la fiabilité des technologies contemporaines de manufacture. C’est l’alliance de professionnels de santé qui se sont retrouvés autour d’une passion pour piloter un beau projet faisant (re)naître un outil chronométrique exclusif, pourvoyeur de bonheur pour celui qui le porte. Je n’ai jamais douté que cette belle équipe puisse mener à bien cette aventure, qui est un commencement »