by Doplr DOPLR, December 25 2017

Shipment of your Doplr

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Hello everyone,

After nearly 18 months of work your Doplr Watch will soon be delivered!

A worthy successor to the "Pulse-Watch by Dr John Floyer in 1707, inventor of the pulsometer watch, your Doplr was assembled by hand in the heart of Switzerland's watch making valleys. It has been engraved, adjusted and checked before being sent.

The watches are due to be shipped on Monday (except for orders placed after the 20th November  These will be shipped at the end of January 2018).

Attached are some photos of the watches in their boxes before being shipped to the four corners of the world: Australia, the USA, Europe and Asia! Thank you!

Wishing you the very best for Christmas and the New Year!

The Doplr Team.