by Doplr DOPLR, October 15 2018

A watch created by doctors since 1707

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Dear members,

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The story behind the brand

  • We wanted a pulsometer watch which was symbolically innovative with regard to the history of medicine, while at the same time being timeless and unique only in limited edition!
  • That’s why we decided to reinvent the pulsometer watch: Doplr (pronounced “doppler”) is born.
  • There exists an historical link between medicine and watchmaking. This watch existed 310 years ago!

Reviews in media

About Charity

  • For every Doplr we sell, we donate the equivalent of 15 anti-cholera vaccinations, to "doctors without borders". In 2017, we donated 3250€, which equates to 1950 choleras vaccines. thanks for your support!

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