by Doplr DOPLR, February 4 2018

New logo?

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Hello everyone,

  • All the Doplr watches which were ordered in 2017 have now been dispatched. There are only a few models still available until the next delivery in June 2018.
  • We would like your opinion about the logo:

  • We plan to incorporate a new logo with the slogan Doplr “Watches for Medstyle” or "Watches for Medicine"

Which one do you prefer? Current (1) new (2)


  • Please send us your comments below!
  • A summary of everyone’s views is scheduled for the 11/02/18

Best regards,

The Doplr Team.

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  • Jack
    I agree with Bayu, the original logo is better, simpler and cleaner. I would also get rid of the additional snake head and agree with the assertion that 'Watches for Medicine' is a better slogan.
    • Doplr
      tks Jack! best Doplr Team
  • Zsolt
    Hi Team! I prefer the older version! Simply, elegant and perfect! Thank you for your interesting of my opinion!
    • Doplr
      Thanks for your answer Zsolt! Best, Vincent, Doplr Team
  • Raymond
    Logo is unique and cool. Prefer 1 over 2
    • Doplr
      Thanks for your answer Ray! Noted. Best, Vincent, Doplr Team
  • Bayu
    Dear Doplr Team, I prefer the first logo (1) on the watch. It has perfect curves like sound waves that is aesthetically pleasing. It gives the watch a sense of modernity to a very vintage technology. As an advertisement, however, there may be one too many snakes. Remove the snakehead on the letter ‘d’. As for the slogan, as a native English speaker, ‘Watches for Medicine’ sounds more natural. You’re promoting a watch to a niche crowd. There’s no point using the term ‘Medstyle’ if you’re selling one item.
    • Doplr
      Thanks for your answer Bayu! Yes I agree for "Watches for Medicine" instead of "MedStyle". Best, Vincent, Doplr Team